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           Unicorn Daydreamers Tutu's and Girly Accessories

           Daydreaming of beautiful things 2 create 4 your unique princess

Just a mom of 5 making fun things with and for my 2 girls! (and some for the boys too!) Would love to hear your ideas... until then, i will be Daydreaming of more beautiful things to create for your beautiful unique princesses (and princes!)

I am trying my hand at this new business thing here... my daughters have made me fall in love with tutus!!!!.. so we decided to make our own and since we are having so much fun we are offering to make some for anyone else that may want one but not have the time to make their own... please look at the products page for ideas but keep in mind i like to be creative so all ideas are welcome! :0) i can also make headbands or hair clips to go with the outfits and/or tutu's and custom made shirts. I am open to any ideas or suggestions anyone may have for new ideas and/or products. I have 5 children, am a stay at home mom and homeschool 3 out of 5 of my children currently. I am extremely busy but still always find a way to get it all done and excited to always learn new things! Thank you for taking the time to check me out!

Best times to contact us are:

Mon - Sun:12:00 pm-2:00 am

What we do and for how much ~

the prices i am selling the tutu's for are as followed:

for short tutu's

under 6 months $12.50

6-12 months $15

12-24 months $17.50

2t-3t $20

4/5 $22.50

6/7 $25

8/10 $27.50

12 $30

* pick your size according to your daughters waist

**add $4 each for longer length tutu's and $4 for each layer of fluff (2-3 layers) $8 for floor length **

****Tutu dresses (one size fits all) 12 months and under are $20 each single layered... (MORE FOR FLUFF) ...large size tutu dresses depend on the length

****crochet headbands with your choice of color and attached flower $5 each

small flower hair clips $2

***handmade bottle cap hair bow with clip.. large $7 small $5... add a matching headband to clip it to for $1 more (1.50 for striped crochet headbands).. any image inside the bottle cap (even pictures)

***crochet hats alone $5 each for the small or $6 for the large

-- w/ ribbon (add $1) or flower (add $1) or both for $1.50


Crib shoes- $8 alone $10 with added flowers, etc.

CURLED FEATHER PADS- headbands or clips $15

NEW ITEM: Bling Converse shoes

prices for the converse bling shoes would be $65 for crib shoes...$70 for babies/toddlers up to size 10....$80 for size 10.5 to size 3... and $85 for sizes 3.5-6 for the classic high top chucks in your choice of color (upon availability) themed ribbon laces of your choice and bling (not gems but swarvoski crystals because they sparkle soooo much more) ... for special styles of converse prices with vary

#*#*#*Please remember that items must be used with adult supervision and some part of items that i make may become a choking hazard for little ones if not supervised because of small parts... lets keep the babies safe please! :0) I am also in no way endorsed by Facebook!!

Tutu's can get messy if you do not care for them... you must hang them when not in use and can not wash or dry them.. they may be spot cleaned with cool water if dirty and we have steamed ours when they get wrinkled but the best way to keep them looking nice is to hang them in your closet when not in use (possibly covered with a plastic bag like the dry cleaners use if at all possible) just throwing them in the corner (like my girls have before) with make them look a mess! lol... i put a lot of hard work into them and you pay the money for them.. i would hate to see them not last and look as good as when you receive them :0)

FYI: i have a general size chart that i use for waist sizes for my tutu's according to what size clothes they wear that i got from clothing stores websites but if you would like to ensure that your tutu will fit your princess perfectly the best way is to just quick measure their waist and tell me when ordering :0) i do my tutu's with elastic waistbands so it doesn't have to be exact as the tutu will give some but i don't want them to be too big or too tight... thanks so much everyone!!!! anything else i can do to help ensure you get the best quality i can provide just let me know ;0)